Adventures in Mahahual

We are now offering Scuba Mau diving adventures in Mahahual. Dive and stay at an ecological house on the beach front! Please book in advance with us!

Ahora puedes bucear en Mahahual con Scuba Mau y disfrutar de tu estancia en una casa ecológica frente al mar! Por favor haz tu reservación por correo.

Slipper lobster

Slipper lobsters are found in all warm oceans and seas. Despite their name, they are not true lobsters, but are more closely related to spiny lobsters and furry lobsters. Slipper lobsters are instantly recognizable by their enlarged antennae, which project forward from the head as wide plates. All the species are edible.

Splendid Toadfish

The splendid toadfish, Sanopus splendidus, also known as the coral toadfish is a species of toadfish found only near the island of Cozumel. The splendid toadfish is distinctive for its vibrant colors. Commonly found under coral outcroppings. Dens can be spotted by the sloping sand patch.

Drum and Fire Show

Come see and hear the spectacle that is Hunab-Ku.  Incorporating Capoeira drumming with amazing fire dancing, Hunab-Ku performs for free in the main square on Sunday evenings.  Contact ScubaMau for more information on this not to be missed show!